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James Banfield.            TERRA SPEAKERS

James' company have developed a unique method of assembling speakers that allows them to be used in extreme environments. They are now established and distribute globally from their small factory in Brunswick, Maine

Tony Perkins                           ATTORNEY

Michael Royals           THRIVANT HEALTH

Michael Royals offers a new way of addressing the issue of the more than 670,000 dogs that are euthanized every year in the US.

This short interview with Tony is packed with valuable insights for startups and established companies.

Eric Bleiken       Griffen / Southern Science

Diane Kamionka     Executive  director NW Innovation Resource Center

Stan Farrell                    COMPOSIMOLDS


Eric's team have developed a bullet-proof fabric that can also absorb impact trauma by converting kinetic energy through 'phase-change'. Still in development & fundraising.

Inventor and entrepreneur Stan Farrell has turned his latest invention, food-safe reusable moldings into a significant business.

Diane has a strong background in general management of both large corporate growth and the entrepreneurial start-up arena. Diane talks about what North West Innovation Resource Center has to offer innovators & entrepreneurs

Lara Merriam-Smith  Prog manager NWIRC

Deborah Drake       AUTHENTIC WRITING

Matt Rose       CEO: APANA

Matt's company, 'Apana' has developed a system that combines measuring systems and powerful analytics to save up to 25% of the water that companies consume through waste. As water availability and security is an ever growing issue, Apana's offering is receiving major attention.

Wordsmith, author and editor, Deborah shares some of her valuable insights regarding knowing your own story and how to improve your presentation when giving pitches. -

A successful business woman in her own  right, Lara shares her experience and expertise with other entrepreneurs as a strategist and mentor.

Katherine Burks   'Budley' earbuds container

Julian Sharpe              SURVIVAL CAPSULE

A great innovation and a great story about the journey of going from idea to the marketplace. If you're serious about creating a business from an innovation - this is a 'must watch.'

Catastrophe meets innovation in Julian Sharpe's 'Survival Capsule' - an almost indestructable personal protection device.

Susan Preston            ANGEL INVESTMENT

If you want to know more about angel investing, watch this interview with Susan, a world-recognized expert in angel financing and angel organizations.