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  • The business of innovation

There’s no limit to the types of innovation covered in the series. But to assist with structure and navigation, the following categories have been created:

Here's an overview of Concept Café, a breakdown of the elements and why we believe there is good alignment between the project's values and goals and those of US Bank. As we are already in production, it is easier to illustrate the vision and the benefits of the project...

Concept Café is a video series and resource about great ideas that are converted into viable businesses. Concept Café looks at the innovators, their products or services and provides invaluable tips on business, structure and process. Concept Café is both entertainment and a resource, and is aimed at a wide audience – because basically, everyone is an innovator in one way or another…

Trailer Two...

The business of innovation & entrepreneurship

A presentation to EDASC

Presentation coach Deborah Drake

Being authentic with your pitch

North West Innovation Resource Center

Exec' Director Diane

Angel investment guru Susan Preston

Everyday  innovation

Regional start-up guidance

World-class expert advice

Life-changing innovation

Amazing innovation

  • Entertainment (video magazine format)

  • Education (practical business insights for startups)

  • A resource for innovators and entrepreneurs (content includes links that support sales, distribution and investment enquiries).

Concept Café is

The YouTube channel is the primary video platform used to embed video stories on Facebook, the Concept Café website, Tumblr and Twitter. The video stories are then expanded with text, graphics, links and feedback loops. Cross-promotion between platforms is an important aspect of structure.

The Concept Café platforms

There is synergy in the structure of Concept Café, via a range of content that is published and broadcast across mutually supportive media platforms. This builds a creative innovation community that can be engaged with through social media.

A unique selling-point

US Bank business client innovators

US Bank can propose clients to be profiled in the video series as being especially innovative in their approach, business and outcomes. This is an opportunity to profile great innovators among US Bank's clientele.

Active involvement

Interviewing a member or associate of EDASC about some of the classic financial challenges that young innovative companies face. A list of subjects is included later in this memo.


We would like EDASC to sponsor Concept Café as a high visibility, good value resource for innovation and creative financial freedom. We outline below a benefits, exposure and costs breakdown.

Advice and connections

Numerous people are already involved with Concept Café either as interviewees or advisors (listed below). EDASC could connect other important players in the worlds of finance, innovation and entrepreneurship.

One of the best forms of advertising and marketing is through the provision of useful information. With this in mind, the main areas of US Bank involvement could include:

4 areas of possible involvement with EDASC

Relevance to EDASC

Most families have at least one person wanting to convert an idea into a business, or a way to earn extra money. The subject has constant and widespread appeal.

Stories about the ‘business of innovation’ are a major element of Concept Café.

Today’s startups are potentially tomorrow’s successful companies.

EDASC’s sense of community is a large part of what defines the EDASC and its values.  Concept Café covers social innovation projects, where innovation is used to create fair and sustainable solutions to social challenges.