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The next big idea could come from anywhere

Innovation can come from anywhere at any time. Supporting a culture of innovation is supporting our future economy

An invitation to sponsors

To become a key sponsor of Concept Café, the new video series and online resource that highlights and supports innovation.

Tips from top investors

Success stories - how they did it

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We are all innovators

See how great ideas are converted into viable businesses. Innovators share their stories and give invaluable tips on business, structure and process. Concept Café is both entertainment and a resource, and is aimed at a wide audience – because basically, everyone is an innovator in one way or another…

Relevance to sponsor

Most families have at least one person wanting to convert an idea into a business, or a way to earn extra money. The subject has constant and widespread appeal.

Stories about the ‘business of innovation’ are a major element of Concept Café.

Today’s startups are potentially tomorrow’s successful companies - supporting them is investing in tomorrow's clients.

Corporate social investment helps drive public perception of companies and their values.  Concept Café covers social innovation projects, where innovation is used to create fair and sustainable solutions to social challenges.

Useful marketing

One of the best forms of advertising and marketing is through the provision of useful information. With this in mind, the main areas of US Bank involvement could include:

Innovation categories include:

  • Science & technology

  • Arts & entertainment

  • Medical & health

  • Conservation & environmental

  • Home & leisure

  • Agriculture

  • Sport

  • Transportation

  • The business of innovation

4 areas of possible involvement with US Bank

North West Innovation Resource Center

Exec' Director Diane

Amazing innovation with

Erik Bleiken

Life changing innovation with Dr Michael Royals

Everyday innovation with

Mike Ferrell

Some of our Concept Café videos

Top angel investment expert

Susan Preston

Improving your presentation with  coach & author Deborah Drake

Concept Café is

  • Entertainment (video magazine format)

  • Education (practical business insights for startups)

  • A resource for innovators and entrepreneurs (content includes links that support sales, distribution and investment enquiries).

The Concept Café platforms

The YouTube channel is the primary video platform used to embed video stories on Facebook, the Concept Café website, Tumblr and Twitter. The video stories are then expanded with text, graphics, links and feedback loops. Cross-promotion between platforms is an important aspect of structure.

Presentation coach Deborah Drake

Youtube channel

Facebook page


Sponsorship options up to 26 weeks

We are looking for 3 primary sponsors of up to $76 000 each. They will each receive exposure in the following ways:

Each trailer will be up to

Each business story up to

Each innovation story up to




Each weekly bundle costs $2950.  For greater impact and sponsor visibility, we prefer a sponsor to take the full 26 episodes, amounting to $76,000. However, bundles of 4 weeks, costing $11,800 each, are also available. Additional sponsorships would be complementary and non-competing with US Bank and its core business.

New content will be released every week for 26 weeks and consist of:

Sponsor exposure details

Program content

Certain episodes will feature ‘guest’ interviews with legal & financial experts for sponsoring companies.



Banners, links, front and end logo on video, comments section


Community television

‘Brought to you by’ in the end credits


YouTube channel

Each video will have opening and closing 7 second ‘in-video’ commercials.

Analytics and reporting will show sponsor the reach and effectiveness

Facebook page & group

In-video opening & closing commercial

Analytics / reportbacks


Sponsor logo, links and text reference. Each newsletter will drive

visitors to the latest videos on the  YouTube channel

US Bank business client innovators

US Bank can propose clients to be profiled in the video series as being especially innovative in their approach, business and outcomes. This is an opportunity to profile great innovators among US Bank's clientele.

Active involvement

Interviewing a member or associate of US Bank about some of the classic financial challenges that young innovative companies face. A list of subjects is included later in this memo.


We would like US Bank to sponsor Concept Café as a high visibility, good value resource for innovation and creative financial freedom. We outline below a benefits, exposure and costs breakdown.

Advice and connections

Numerous people are already involved with Concept Café either as interviewees or advisors (listed below). US Bank could connect other important players in the worlds of finance, innovation and entrepreneurship.

An advance list of content subjects will be presented to US Bank for discussion. Parameters and values would be agreed beforehand to avoid any undesirable subjects or potential conflict with competing services in the financial sector.

A regional approach to innovation

The Concept Café format is focused on regions, or individual states, allowing the program to address regional opportunities, challenges, and rising stars. Currently we are producing content for the northwest and northeast USA, based in Washington and Maine. We are approaching US Bank to sponsor the Washington stories, which will be primarily marketed within Washington. However, the content will also be 'pushed' across all US States.








In production

In production

In development

In development

In development


November 2017

November 2017

February    2018

February    2018

April           2018

A region-by-region approach will allow for more effective feedback loops and assist in building an online community of innovators in which rising stars, entrepreneurs and sponsors can communicate with each other.

Some of the subjects to be covered in 'the business of innovation'

About John Bowey & Transmediavision

  • Protecting your IP

  • Defining a business relationship

  • Drafting of founding agreements

  • Finding an attorney / negotiating a deal

  • Understanding obligations

  • Understanding patents and patent pending

  • Flexibility - your perceptions may differ from the advice you receive.

  • Selling out: is this the end game? Then what are the considerations?

  • Liability cover - what & why

  • Understanding your market

  • Cash isn't the answer to everything!

  • Understanding the needs of the business

  • Defining the business

  • What support is available for startups?

  • Can you get initial financial guidance for free or at a discount?

  • What tax benefits are there for startups?

  • What does a business plan comprise?

  • What are some of the key elements that financiers look for in a startup?

  • What are some of the financial red flags?

  • Cash flow...

  • Types of investment / investors

  • When are you ready to seek investment?

  • Tax benefits to startups

  • Finding startup-friendly accountants

  • What types of funding are available?

  • What is angel investing?

  • What is venture capital?

  • What do you trade in return?

  • Various support structures

  • Incubators

  • Successful startups

  • Entrepreneurial development center

  • Techstarts

  • Innovation hub / centers

  • Knowing your storyline

  • Defining your offering

  • Being authentic

  • Being flexible

  • Understanding the market

  • Networking

  • Personalizing the company story

  • Defining the need, the demand & response

  • Marketing 101

  • Social media and marketing

  • Creating a community

These subjects would be addressed by a series of specialists in the legal, financial and startup/ innovation sector. Sponsors will be able to propose additional subjects they feel relevant and inspiring.

John recently returned to the US after working and living in Europe, the Middle East and South Africa where he produced major television, corporate, university and civic projects. His broad and deep artistic and logistical experience in the film and media industries, in addition to technical assets such as high-definition cameras and editing systems, has allowed Concept Café to go into full production while beginning the search for partners and sponsors.

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