Proposal to Beth Zonis, Cleantech Open Northeast per request 11/22/17

'Crafting your pitch' - an online course, workshop, personal coaching, direction and recording of pitch

On request by Beth Zonis, on behalf of Transmedia Vision, I present below a breakdown of the process that I have used when working with large groups of innovators and entrepreneurs to develop their presentation and concept-pitching skills. At the end of the proposal are some examples of the pitches that I have previously workshopped with innovators and entrepreneurs, and produced as online resource material.

This proposal covers the following steps to work with approximately 30 candidates for Cleantech Open Northeast's  2018 awards. The proposal also covers past work examples, and a cost estimate for certain aspects of the process.


1  Online course

  • The concept

  • Production

  • Post-production & packaging

2  The group workshop

  • A one-day intensive group event


3  One-on-one tuition

  • Including direction and recording of pitch

4  Editing & packaging

  • Tailored to each candidate

5  Selected testimonials

  • Selected by organizers


6  Related information

  • More about workshops

  • Reference videos

  • Cost estimate

1. The online course

The easy-to-follow online course is presented in three installments, together providing all the key elements needed to create a professionally packaged pitch.

A The innovation concept

  • What's the need or problem your idea or innovation addresses?

  • How does the idea or innovation work?

  • What's the desired outcome?

  • What is the USP?

  • Be clear about your messages

  • What stage are you at?

  • Understanding your market

  • What you need to take this to the next level

  • Your long-term vision

B Production

  • From mobile phone to camera

  • Location - choosing a venue

  • Environment

  • Audio considerations

    • If and when to use a microphone

    • Background noise

  • Lighting considerations

  • How good is your memory?

  • Cheap autocue solutions for crib notes

  • Tripods and steady shots

  • Additional recordings of your product or service

C Post-production

  • Simple editing packages

  • Matching your needs and your camera / phone to the right system

  • Adding simple graphics / photos

  • Product shots

  • Using simple text

  • Putting it all together

  • Packaging the final product

  • Exporting

  • Uploading

  • Web hosting considerations

2. The workshop

An afternoon workshop offers a unique opportunity for a wide range of innovators to interact with each other and experience a wide range of challenges and solutions going beyond their particular universe. Videos submitted by participants are gently used to illustrate what works and what doesn't in form and content. Technique and production pitfalls are also covered, culminating in participants being able to assess when they've achieved their objective of producing a great video pitch.


The workshop  format

  • Welcome & introductions

  • Defining groups / categories of innovation

  • The story - the content and form

  • Understanding what judges, financiers and investors are looking for

  • Technical considerations

  • Presenting techniques

  • The ongoing pitch - renewing and developing the story

3. Personal tuition, direction and recording

Each innovator group or individual will receive 30 minutes of one-on-one tuition and video direction. This process will cover all the basics treated in the online course and workshop and lead into the final recording of the pitch. 

4. Editing and packaging

Each recorded video will be edited and packaged to fall within the agreed maximum timeframe, and will include the following:

Post-production & packaging

  • Editing of presenter

  • Inclusion of any additional materials:

    • Photos

    • Graphics or animations

    • B-roll video of product

  • Packaging with Cleantech Open ID / logo

  • Audio mix / equalizing

  • Exporting & packing in required format

5. Testimonials

A series of candidate testimonials will be recorded during the workshop and the recording of the candidates' videos. The choice of candidates to be recorded will be at the discretion of Cleantech Open.

6. Related information

Cost estimate

All costs can be sponsored by Transmedia Vision, apart from $575 out of pocket costs relating to the workshop, and a cost of $475 per candidate, including all camera work, equipment, direction, editing, packaging and delivery.


Currently I am producing a video series on the business of innovation, Concept Café.

Over the past 15 years, as  a director and presenter, I've coached, workshopped and recorded groups of over 100 innovators and entrepreneurs for competitive events sponsored by state and national governments and large corporations, including Microsoft, SASOL Energy, TransNet, and technology innovation agencies. Below are just a few examples.

From a previous workshop: "The pitch is everything! It is the culmination of all your research and work and it’s the vehicle that defines the product and – to a large extent, determining your chances of attracting funding or investment.


There’s an infinite range of options for equipment and software to record pitches, but regardless of your budget, there are a few fundamental considerations that define your ability to tell a clear and compelling story.


The skills you learn here for this pitch will go on assist you in the future as you develop your products and your story."


Coaching the president of South Africa and a news reader in Dubai

A selection of innovation events that I coached, directed and produced