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Tony Perkins

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Bernstein Shur

Take-away notes from interview:


Legal practice


Providing legal guidance to

startup and established companies


Contact Tony with questions

about your startup

Focus on startup & growth companies with advanced tech' at their core.

Assist with path to commercialization.

Common mistakes made by startups include:

Sharing IP details without protection.

Lack of agreements with teammates.

Lack of understanding of the offering and the direction of the company.

Not aligning product to market.

General inflexibility.

Written agreement between founding team is essential.

Define roles & responsibilities.

Market research is essential.

Understand the pricing & transaction chain

Develop a revenue model.

Develop a legal roadmap as well as a business roadmap.

Support from Benstein Shure includes:

Risk sharing deals through reduced or deferred legal fees.

Giving away certain foundational documentation.

Understand where you fit into the market place.

A willingness to listen and to be coached.

Startups are a team game!